Introducing SUPER TRASH!

COMING SOON! The new fun-filled, sorta filthy, card game for the whole family.

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Has the rotation of the same old games become a bit repetitive and bland? Is your family looking for something fun and new for game nights? Our brand new family-friendly card game SUPER TRASH! may be the answer. We are currently beta testing the game and are making plans for a wider release. If you want to receive periodic updates on its status and availability, we invite you to complete the form below and stay connected with us. We would be thrilled to bring you along on this journey!

Here’s a small taste
of all the fun…

SUPER TRASH! is a brand new family-developed card game for 2-4 players age 5 and up. The game typically lasts about 10 minutes and is the perfect combination of strategy, simplicity, and hilarity. Fun for the whole family, SUPER TRASH! is scheduled to be released Fall 2021.

What’s in the box?

108 SUPER TRASH! Cards including…

  • Game instructions

  • 80 Number cards

  • 8 “Trash” cards

  • 20 “Action” Cards (3 are featured above)

Did you know?

In addition to introducing the concept of luck vs. strategy, card games like SUPER TRASH! offer excellent growth opportunities for younger players including:

Executive Functioning Skills

  • working memory

  • focusing

  • planning

  • organizing

  • decision-making

Social - Emotional Skills

  • turn taking and cooperation

  • patience and emotional regulation

  • following rules

  • navigating winning and losing

  • building connections with peers and adults

  • conversational skills

Academic & Language Skills

  • vocabulary

  • sight word and number identification

  • counting

  • receptive and expressive language development

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